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About Us and the Live the New Economy Website

Mike's Stryker, Kandahar Afghanistan, 2009

Mike is a career Army officer, husband and father, philosopher and Stoic, hopeful entrepreneur, blogger, and passive income Padawan.

Mike has been in the Army for nearly twenty years and he's been stationed all over the United States and the world, including tours in Afghanistan and Germany, and he has also served as a professor at one of our nation's service academies.  

Jen at our favorite French restaurantEducated as a teacher, Jen is a wife and mother, fitness and wellness buff, and has recently reentered the work force after staying home with our children for nearly a decade!  

This blog is about all of these topics, plus we write about personal finance, debt, frugal living, intentional living, and other topics.  

In addition to the successful careers that we enjoy, we're excited by the possibilities that the new, internet-based economy provides for all of us to find financial success in contemporary ways along non-traditional paths, and this site captures authentically and transparently our own efforts and lessons learned to do just that.  Less than a year ago, we knew very little about many of these topics, but we've now eliminated nearly $60,000 worth of debt, continuously increase our net worth,  and we've increased our incomes, including creating a respectable passive income!

About This Project


Mike and Jen in the Napa ValleyEveryday, we read that more people have moved out of the work force.  Article after article seems to suggest that the standard employment model is becoming defunct.  People increasingly move from job to job, rarely staying in one place for too long.  Job security and wealth security are sometimes illusory.  

Alongside this changing job environment, technology has now enabled people to do remarkable things in home business, manufacturing, publishing, and telecommuting.  This is an amazing time!  There is more possibility for the individual now than there has ever been, if you can just discover your potential!

In Spring of 2012, we set out to try on this new economy and this web site is part of a larger experiment where we intend to demonstrate that we can One of our Strykers in Afghanistan working with the Afghan Policeleverage our passion and interests to make an honest living using the principles of lifestyle design, location independence, and multiple income streams, while simultaneously living a more frugal, debt-free life that increases my family's autonomy and well-being.  At Live the New Economy, we show you our every success and failure and we promise an honest and authentic account of our family's experience living these principles.

We're also realistic enough to know that meaningful gains will take years of hard work to achieve!  This is no "get rich quick" enterprise and we have already faced some false starts and setbacks, though we can honestly report that we're now running a profitable online business and can help you do the same!  I can't stand visiting blogs where I read the same rehashed promises, with the same formulas, and the same tired cliches.

So, what's next?  


I recommend that you hop over to our blog and read about our latest efforts!  Want to know the Live the New Economy view on personal finance?  Sign up at the right for our free newsletter and receive instant access to our exclusive guide:  15 Steps to Fix Your Broken Finances and Live a Better Life!  Want to see how we've done so far?  Check out our monthly reports.  If you are here to learn about blogging, I've written a step-by-step instruction guide to building your own blog that will help you get started!  Also, stop by our Tools page to see the tools that we use at LTNE that will help you increase your own prosperity and help you achieve the good life!

Thanks so much for visiting and becoming part of my community of friends!  We can't wait to hear from you!

All the best to you as you Live the New Economy!

Stryker on the Road, Kandahar Afghanistan, 2010