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Here are some people and sites that I think are well worth your time. 

My “A” Listers:

Pat at Smart Passive Income:  Pat is becoming the king of all media.  From niche sites, to affiliate marketing, e-book design and sales, email lists, and about a dozen other things, Pat executes with professional quality every time.  He writes, podcasts, does video, and does internet marketing for Hollywood.  

Corbett Barr at Think Traffic:  Corbett inspires and informs.  Awesome content about building blogs and generating traffic.  

Pete (aka “Mr. Money Mustache”) at Mr. Money Mustache:  When you go there, budget about five hours and just read everything.  For me, it was like finding a window into an alien universe of extreme frugality.  Once you look into that window, you’ll probably just climb straight through, as his arguments for the frugal lifestyle are incredibly compelling.  I was heading the frugal direction already, but finding Pete’s site was like a punch to the throat that really got me acting. 

Other noteworthy sites:

General Awesomeness / Embrace your Passion:

[Expert Enough]:  A ton of content by a variety of writers.  Almost all of it is interesting and informative.  This is another Corbett Barr production and it pretty much became huge at launch.  

Scott Dinsmore’s Live Your Legend:  Probably should be an “A” Lister.  Scott’s site has tons of great content.  He, like many, prefers the post model of “I’m going to give you a list of things that do X,” which I’m growing to hate, but I think the rest of the Internet People love.  

Finances / Money Matters:  

Financial Samurai:  Tons of great financial topics.  Lots of comments and web traffic.  

Joan at Man vs. Debt:  Joan took over from her husband.  Authentic and inspiring, she passes on a lot of great information about getting out of debt!

Internet Marketing:

Glen at ViperChill:  The master of the really long, but informative post.  He posts infrequently, but when he does, you know that it is worth suppressing your ADD and getting through it.

Eric at My 4-Hour Workweek:  This site has a special place for me because it is one of the first that I found when I began doing the LTNE experiment.  Like me, Eric was also spurned by AdSense and it has had some profound impacts on the way he conducts business online. 

My Multiple Incomes:  Robert has several writers on the site and has pretty impressive numbers with monthly incomes from a variety of sources, including another site of his, The College Investor.  

Income Diary:  A site mostly dedicated to examining successful sites.  Focuses on actionable strategies that create success.  

Spencer at Niche Pursuits.  Tons of detailed information from one of the authoritative voices on niche website creation.


Susannah at Pink Slipped:  She writes for Forbes.  She speaks bluntly and authoritatively.  She’s a specialist in the “gig economy.” 

Jeff at Goins Writer:  Excellent encouragement for writers.

Military Finance:

Nords at Military Retirement and Financial Independence.  The title says it all.  Packed with amazing information, useful for everyone, but especially for military folks.

Small blogs worth keeping an eye on:

(* A note here:  I want to appeal to you to support these blogs.  They are intelligent and valuable resources with content that deserves to be read.  Small blogs only become big blogs if they get some attention.  Reward these fine bloggers with your eyes.  Thanks!)

Finances / Money Matters:

Gary at Reboot Authentic:  Another witty writer with an authentic voice.  Writes on a variety of topics, but they are all interesting.  Get this man some traffic!

Matt at Life, Prioritized:  Matt is another talented blogger who writes on a variety of topics.  Quadruple his traffic.  Now.

Ree at Escaping Dodge.  Plenty of excellent content on money management!  One of the best new bloggers out there!

Internet Marketing:

Matt at Dumb Passive Income:  Matt specializes in finding the underlying mechanics of niche site selection, ranking, and overall success.  He’s relatively new to the niche site scene, but he’s learning and I’m confident that he’ll find success in the long-term.

Frugal Living:  

Blonde on a Budget:  Cait largely pulls from her own financial turnaround and she has some great advice and inspiration for those who want to follow her example.

Travis at Enemy of Debt:  Great advice on eliminating debt and living frugally.

Club Thrifty:  Focuses not just on frugal living, but frugal living as a means toward a happier life.  I'm sold!

Health and Wellness:

Nina at Shalom Mama:  This site is clean, the writing is good, and the information is valuable.  Nina’s site deserves a ton of eyeballs.  And her e-book is really quite valuable if you are into the health and wellness, frugal living thing.