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The LTNE Report -- September 2013

Jen Flies a Helicopter, Sept 2013!The autumn chill settles over the evenings now, bringing 2013 goals into sharp focus!  Only three months left to accomplish big things!

Friends of LTNE:  thanks for all of the links and referrals this last month, as well as your comments on our posts!  I enjoyed as well taking more time to visit the many great sites out there.  Please take a look at our blog roll and help out our friends with some traffic!

And so, here's our September report!


Passive income surpassed our $500 monthly goal, but fell well short of August's record income.

Since starting LTNE and beginning to focus on debt elimination and the growth of our passive income, we've made a total of $5755.56 in passive income.

This pie chart shows our passive income breakdown:

Affiliate income came from the following sources:

Amazon Affiliate: $17.25

Dollar Shave Club: $40.00

Lending Club Signups and Leads: $66.00

aWeber: $5.70

Ready for Zero Signups: $7.68

Orbitz: $38.17

Total Affiliate Income: $174.80

Here is the latest on our P2P Lending Experiment.  Expect a very thorough write-up in October on P2P lending, as I have discovered a few things that I intend to share here.  Remember that I update this slide periodically throughout the month at a page that I've set aside here.

The following two charts show our growing assets in P2P loans, plus the total interest we've earned since beginning with them.

We continued to earn cash rewards with our Discover It and USAA cash rewards cards, with $80.67 in completely passive income earned this month using them!  Since we began using and pitching the Discover It card, a couple of you have signed up for it through our site.  I'd love to get your feedback, so comment below!

How passive was our passive income this month?

Our Vanguard Index Fund Admiral Shares are performing well so far.

And our Net Worth continues to grow, based upon a high savings rate (nearly 50%), no consumer debt except our rental house mortgage, and our efforts to grow our active and passive incomes.

Visitors to LTNE held almost completely steady from last month!

Here is our overall life strategy right now:

1) Increase our active incomes where we can.  

2) Find passive income everywhere that we can, including affiliate income, advertising income, interest from peer-to-peer lending, and the use of cash rewards credit cards (paid in full each month).  

3) Grow our assets by reinvesting peer-to-peer loan interest, principal payments, and $500 (down from $1000 last month.  I'll explain in my P2P lending post that I'm working on for October) monthly into new loans, as well as investing $1,000 monthly into index funds through Vanguard.

4) After refinancing our mortgage from a 30-year to a 15-year fixed, continue to pay the mortgage off on our rental home aggressively, with normal mortgage payments, as well as $1,000 monthly principal payments.

5) Get our contingency fund back up to $10,000.  We are close.

 6) Continue to maintain a zero balance on all credit cards.  Continue to spend less on all things and live frugally!

7) Research and write each weekday for my PhD dissertation.

8) Make progress on my body composition goal for 2013, plus train for our November 10K race.

9) Live life fully!

Thanks, as always, for visiting and I love to hear from you in the comments.  An active and commenting community here helps all of us stay motivated!


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