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The LTNE Report -- November 2013

The always-sexy Honda Odyssey arrived back home yesterday after a long, but very enjoyable, Thanksgiving trek.  

All told, we met our goals for November, but it was far from one of our best months.  That said, we're thankful for plenty of good things as well, including steady incomes, nice investment returns, and increasing traffic here at the Live the New Economy website, not to mention a healthy and happy family!

Without further ado, here's our report: 


Passive income exceeded our $500 monthly goal, for a total of $598.72.

Most of this was derived this month from interest income from our peer-to-peer loans at Lending Club and Prosper (for a complete look at the evolution of our P2P strategy, click here and read from the beginning).

I was happy to also receive some advertising dollars this month.  Affiliate income was pretty dismal, but one person did use our Prosper link to sign up and invest through them.  Thanks so much!

So, all told, we've made $6,914,15 in additional passive income since we started trying to generate it at the beginning of the LTNE experiment!

This month's affiliate sales:  $3.20 (Wow!  This is one of the lowest ever!)

Dollar Shave Club:  $4.00 (Again, this is historically low!)

aWeber:  $5.70

Prosper:  $42.00

Total:  $54.90 (ouch!)

Thank goodness we are generating a decent passive income from our P2P loans, where we earned $303.07 this month in completely passive interest income!  (Check out my comparison of Prosper and Lending Club here)

Plus, our credit cards rewards cards strategy continued to yield passive income.

Our overall net worth increased, despite a pretty substantial drop in our real estate value on Zillow, mainly due to an additional $10,000 investment in Vanguard (this time, the VTIAX fund), alongside our monthly $1,000 investment in VFIAX.  

So, our net worth increase was modest with the loss in Zillow value on our rental home, but it is a gain nonetheless.  If our house value can stabilize, I'll warm up the band for the $50,000 milestone, which is close!

Our sole remaining debt is our rental house's mortgage, which we are paying off at an accelerated rate (on a 15-year, fixed rate loan).

Possibly the best good news story this month is that LTNE readership was once again up! Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for supporting Live the New Economy.  I hope these reports demonstrate a few things:

1) Curbing spending, cutting debt, seeking out more income, and creating an investor mindset can turn around your net worth!

2) Making money online is not easy.  Those who tell you that it is are either very lucky, extremely good, or lying.  We always show our actual results, even when they are discouraging.  

3) Blogging about your finances creates transparency and accountability, as well as an online record of your successes and failures.

Want to help us out?  Remember:  some of our links on this site are affiliate links.  They cost you nothing extra to click and use, but help out our site.  In particular, please bookmark this page and use it in the event that you do online shopping at Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, or Kohl's.  We appreciate it (and we reciprocate, by the way, by using affiliate links at other sites that we visit!).

See you in December, as we wrap up 2013, revisit our goals, and chart a course for 2014!

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