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The LTNE Report -- February 2013

I've just arrived back at LTNE HQ after helping a friend move to a new house (my muscles are aching!) and it is time for our February report!

February 2013 was our best month to date across all of our metrics!  Not only have we experienced solid gains, but I felt like I learned a great deal this month and I'm happy to have been able to engage in more outreach to many of my favorite blogs and bloggers!

Before I discuss the good news from this February, I'd like to highlight the sites that have referred the most traffic to LTNE:

1. Mr. Money Mustache

2. Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income Blog

3. Spencer's Niche Pursuits

4. Eric's My 4-Hour Workweek

5. Justin's

6. Spencer's Military Money Manual

7. Sam's Financial Samurai

8. Jeff's Goins' GoinsWriter site

Thanks to all of you!

This month, we once again increased our internet-derived passive income to a total of $679.60, an increase of 47% from last month!  As part of my annual goals for 2013, I had hoped to consistently make $500 in this sort of income monthly and we've blown through that goal in February!  I'm hoping to keep building on that success in the upcoming months.  

Many of the same keys from last month's income report still apply here, but I'll quickly highlight a few:

1.  Our niche site is still generating $20-$30 in solid income monthly with zero work.  This income is truly passive at this point.

2.  I was able to convert my Dollar Shave Club referrals (which had earned me 85 free months worth of membership!) to an actual paid affiliate relationship.

3.  Our Lending Club portfolio has grown to $7663.08 (on the way to $10000, at which point I'm going to start investing in Prosper) and we generated $52.48 in interest income there (this is pure interest-- no principal payments are included in this figure) for a current ROI of 17.06%.

4.  I landed my first paid advertising for the site.

5.  I have lots of small passive income funding streams, including Amazon, Squarespace signups, aWeber accounts, etc., that all add up!

Here's a complete list of passive income sources for February:

Squarespace (free trial!):  $50.00

Amazon Affiliate:  $50.29

Commission Junction:  $394.00

Ready for Zero (free trial!):  $7.20

aWeber ($1 first month!):  $5.70

Lending Club Interest:  $52.48

Paid Advertising:  $120.00


Total:  $679.67

Jen and I had our best month ever for active income, finally surpassing the $9500 threshold on our goals page (Jen also received her first sales commissions at work, which is exciting)!

And here is our current distribution of income, which highlights the increased role that passive income is playing in our total income!

Our mortgage debt is slowly, but steadily, going down, as we pay monthly mortgage payments plus an additional montly $1000 principal payment (a strategy we developed using the free Ready for Zero service!).

Site visits are up as well (by 28.36% over last month), as we had 5,174 unique visitors to Live the New Economy in February!

Our spending remains historically low, our non-mortgage debt is still zero, our incomes are up, and we're building assets!  This is exactly what I had hoped we'd do when we began blogging here nearly a year ago!

What's next in the big picture for LTNE?

1. I've completed the first draft of my first PDF/ePub document that will be a free product (a quality one too!) for signing up for our newsletter.  I'm taking a week of vacation from work soon and I intend to spend at least part of that time polishing this up for release!

2. I'm working on the overall strategy for LTNE and additional sites.  Though I'm very happy with where we are, I'm obviously looking ahead to see where we can be by the end of this year.  

3. We're gearing up for our one-year anniversary, including celebrating the occasion with another raffle and free prize!

4. I'm back to the low-carb, exercise-like-crazy lifestyle where I thrive.  If you'd like to join me, take a look at our Fitbit Challenge here.  

5. I've ignored all requests for paid links here, but I've opened up the possibility of guest posts.  Check out the site policies and let me know if you are interested in writing here or my writing over at your site!

Thanks for reading and for sharing our posts with your friends, social media followers, and for linking to our content from your own sites!  

If you want to see all of the tools that we use here at Live the New Economy, check out this handy reference page here!

Listen:  I mean this.  I'm happy with our site's progress and I owe that to you, our readers.  Feel free to chat with me (see that little message in the bottom right?) or send me a note using the contact form on the site if there is anything that I can do to help you or if you have any questions.  

I want to help YOU reach your goals.  Let me know how I can.   

All the best,

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