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The LTNE Report -- January 2014 (Tax Man Edition!)

(Now updated with the correct title!)

Not wanting to bury the lede, let me emphasize a few things up front! Graphs for most of this will follow!

1. I just finished my taxes and got clobbered.  Paying my tax bill will delay the growth of our investments for a couple of months.  I'm no tax expert, but the simple fact remains:  more income = higher tax brackets = more taxes.  I, of course, also included my profits from Lending Club and Prosper as part of my total income (they prepare a 1099-OID that shows both your income as well as your charge-offs; I handled charge-offs on an IRS Form 8949), as well as my affiliate income, so Uncle Sugar will soon be diving off the Capitol Building into a pile of LTNE coins).  Sigh.

2.  Traffic is up this month!  We are starting to approach sustained "reader" traffic that rivals what we achieved last Spring when we had our Google search spike for my Dollar Shave Club reviews.

3.  Our net worth is down for the first time since LTNE began.  I just can't grow our assets fast enough to keep pace with our declining home value via Zillow.

4.  Passive income is down from last month, still above our 2013 $500 montly goal, but well short of our 2014 $1000 goal-- remember that our goal is to reach that by the end of the year, so we have some time!

5.  We are in the midst of changing our asset allocation strategy.  More to follow on this in a post later in the month, which is already in the hopper.

6.  I'm feeling the pinch of dissertation writing, so LTNE posts were scarce this month.

On to the graphs!

Passive Income:

Passive Income Sources:

Here is the break-down of our affiliate income (these are affiliate links-- thanks!):

USAA Credit Cards / Accounts:  $48.00 Sales:  $33.44

Lending Club Sign-Ups:  $25.00

Dollar Shave Club Sign-Ups:  $16.00

aWeber Email List / Newsletter Management:  $5.70

Total Passive Income:

Net Worth:

Peer-to-Peer Investing Interest Income:

(Our updated Lending Club vs. Prosper comparison chart can be found here).

Here is the performance of our Vanguard funds:

And what I think is the best piece of news:  LTNE's unique visitors.

Finally, I've emptied out our cash rewards credit card rewards, so this will be the last time you see this full!  I'll start a new one for the remainder of the year!

Our next scheduled post will be on P2P investing and our asset allocation, unless I'm inspired to write something else before that one drops!

Thanks for reading and commenting!  See you soon!

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