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The LTNE Report -- February 2014 (Record Traffic!)

Ah, the irony!  We were a hair's breadth away from a 10,000 unique visitor month here at LTNE and I've been so entrenched in dissertation writing that I have barely been able to post new content!  I did put up a review, which I hope will get some Google search traffic once spring begins and people begin their new physical fitness pursuits, and I also posted about beginning to draw down our P2P lending accounts, which drew some great commentary from the community.

Posting will be light as I continue to spend a ton of time writing for my dissertation, so if you'd like to capitalize on our increased traffic with a guest post here, please let me know.  Here is our guest post policy.  I'd love the content, you'd like the traffic, and our readers no doubt would enjoy hearing from someone new!

Aside from the great traffic, this month has been a mixed bag with overall performance.  Here are the ups and downs!

1.  I've set aside the money for our largest ever tax bill to Uncle Sugar, so that monkey is off our back.  "With great income, comes great tax responsibilities!" 

2.  Our net worth is managing to find its way back up, even after continued slides in our rental home's value (another $3,000 this month!) and we continue to pour money into our Vanguard accounts.

3.  Passive income is way down and, lo and behold, we had a negative month with Amazon Associates because of returns!  That is the first time that has happened!  There's more to this story though.  We've made a total of $8,897.22 in total passive income since we started LTNE.  Since I like to think in 10-year horizons (thanks, Mr. Money Mustache!), that money is worth $15,933.53 in 10 years with a 6% return.  We all need to think this way, all the time, about all of our pursuits (and the opportunity costs of our purchases!).  

4.  It is really neat to see money streaming into our checking account from our P2P lending accounts.  Lending Club (affiliate link) allows you to withdraw any amount at any time (from your cash balance) and Prosper (affiliate link) requires your cash balance to reach $25 prior to each withdrawal.  

5.  I've been faithful to at least five days a week of good training for our upcoming duathlons / triathlons and I'm down about eight pounds from this winter's max.  That's always good news!

Ready for some graphs?  Here they are!

Affiliate sales came from the following:

Lending Club (affiliate link):  $50.00

Dollar Shave Club (affiliate link):  $24.00

Ready for Zero (affiliate link):  $8.00

aWeber (affiliate link):  $5.70 (affiliate link): -$7.29 (returned merchandise!)

Total:  $80.41

Here was our last post on credit card rewards, where we used them to pay for our kids' Christmas presents; we earned $56.17 in cash rewards this month.

Here is our latest post on P2P lending and here is running snapshot comparison of Lending Club (affiliate link) and Prosper (affiliate link); we earned $335.72 in interest with those accounts this month. 

Like nearly everyone with stocks right now, we've had a great month with our Vanguard portfolio!

And here's a chart that shows our best ever traffic numbers!  

Thanks to everyone for visiting!  I hope these reports are both informative and encouraging!  LTNE continues to grow and I'm thankful to all of you for helping to spread the word!  (Seriously, click those Facebook like buttons and Twitter Tweet buttons below our posts!  They really help get the word out!)

I'd love to throw down the gauntlet and fully capitalize on our growth with lots of great new content, but I still need to focus right now primarily on finishing the PhD, so I'm staying patient!  I'm aiming for once-a-week posts!

Thanks again!

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