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The LTNE Report -- May 2014

This report will be much abridged, in line with what will be the evolving format for LTNE that occurs over the next few months.  

Our emphasis, for now, will include peer-to-peer derived income, as I gradually withdraw from my P2P lending accounts at Lending Club (affiliate link) and Prosper (affiliate link).  

We will also include data on our efforts at building our net worth, primarily with investment accounts at Vanguard.  In the medium-term (i.e., 3-6 months from now), we will be looking to find new ways to boost both passive and active income streams.  We are also looking for more ways to reduce our monthly spending and boost monthly investment activity.  

We will deemphasize affiliate income streams until we are able to do the work necessary to once again generate respectable numbers.  We will also deemphasize visitor numbers for the same reason.  Finally, we will no longer show credit card rewards cash-- we continue to use cash rewards credit cards and pay them off every month, which generates a nice little passive income stream, but that is uninteresting enough for now that I'll just quit mentioning it.

The charts I show for this report will look mostly familiar, but I plan to show a new set of charts beginning next month that will reflect our shifting emphasis and increased focus.  

Here's our abridged report:

Our net worth continues to hover right below the $50,000 mark, primarily because I can't grow it fast enough to cover the ongoing monthly loss in the value of our rental home, which we still pay a mortgage on. 

I've created the following chart, which shows the spread between the Zestimate (Zillow's estimate of our rental home's value) and our mortgage amount, which we've refinanced to a 15-year fixed to pay off more aggressively.  This data on this chart, more than anything, accounts for our difficulty in growing our net worth (well, aside from the two decades of neglect prior to starting to worry about these things!).  Since we have good renters in that cover most of our mortgage expenses, we're holding on to this home in the hope that the housing market eventually turns around, instead of selling the home for a loss.

We continue to draw down our P2P accounts, but you can see that the interest there generates a nice passive income amount monthly:  

Here is our current comparison of our results with both Prosper (affiliate link) and Lending Club (affiliate link).  Both do well, but Prosper (affiliate link) is leading by a wide margin!

Here is a chart of our current mutual fund performance at Vanguard.  I've just today put the sell and buy orders in that will rebalance our portfolio.  More on that in a later post.

I've decided to rebalance because I'm very stock heavy and see a correction on the horizon.  Again, more on that in a later post.  

I have three months of concentrated PhD work ahead of me and then I hope to begin to unveil the new directions that we are taking with LTNE and our other pursuits.  

Thanks for visiting!  

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    The LTNE Report -- May 2014 - LTNE: - Live the New Economy.
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    The LTNE Report -- May 2014 - LTNE: - Live the New Economy.
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    The LTNE Report -- May 2014 - LTNE: - Live the New Economy.

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