Friday, December 2, 2016 at 10:46AM
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What is going on in the LTNE bunker, for those who still occasionally stop by:

1) I will change careers next summer, so I'm in the midst of self-assessment, job search, etc.  The good news: so far, the opportunities seem very good, are lucrative, and offer varying degrees of autonomy, location flexibility, etc.  In addition, we've positioned ourselves financially so that we are able to take risks.  The less good news:  I'm not yet convinced these opportunities are the direction that I want to go.  If I can start a successful business and build my own brand, then I will go that direction.  Given my retirement income, savings, and current passive income, if I can generate $3,000 a month in additional income, I will consider this viable.  Honestly, this is a small amount compared to some of the potential opportunities I have working for others, but autonomy has a quality that I really value.  I just need to figure out how to make it work!  

2) I thought it would be fun to take a look at how much income LTNE has generated since I last posted something that was substantive.  That magic figure is $718.01, purely passively from affiliate income, despite a site that I'm certain is riddled with broken links.  Not bad!

3) This amount doesn't include our peer-to-peer lending experiment, which is nearing its conclusion.  As you might recall, I had timed our note purchases to draw down our accounts by transition time, so both are nearing zero balance.  All told, we made $5,487.93.  ROI at Lending Club was 7.14% and ROI at Prosper was 14.08%.  I can't account for the difference in performance as each was nearly identical in note selection criteria.  

4) One lesson learned:  if you are blogging and finding even some small success, stick with it.  Keep posting.  Many of the blogs that I started with have gone defunct, but a few have continued on and are really doing well.  Aside from quality content, endurance has a value all its own!  I made some strategic choices with focusing my efforts in different directions, but you can't argue against the long-term success of some of my peers who have continued writing!

More later, perhaps, and I hope you're all well!

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