So here is us, on the raggedy edge...
Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at 5:02PM
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Jen and I have decided to forego the traditional second career, turned down all potential offers, and we're going independent!  We started retirement leave about a week ago and we have 106 days of full military income remaining.  

So, how will we make ends meet?  

First, I have what a good friend calls my "bronze parachute"-- a nice retirement check, plus health and dental benefits for my family.  That will get us part of the way.

The rest?  

I've signed on to do leadership and management consulting for a small consulting firm.  I'm also forming my own LLC and will be looking to generate some of my own consulting work.  Additionally, I'm going to be doing some writing-- I have some projects I've wanted to tackle for years-- and I'll be looking to adjunct for at least one of the local universities, mainly to stay in the classroom, which I enjoy very much!  

Jen is also going to do some independent consulting, as well as some part-time teaching.

What's the magic number?  $1500 a month by the end of October.  That's our nut.  Once we get there, expect that I'll talk about how we're investing anything beyond that...

Aside from our work, it is all lifestyle design at this point.  We are in the house and neighborhood that we want and our kids are enrolled in good schools.  Our expenses remain low.  It is time to reconnect with family, get in better shape (the goal that always remains elusive), and enjoy ourselves!

I'll let you know how we do!  LTNE is back!  

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