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Hi! I'm Mike and this is my wife, Jen!  Since we began this site, we've learned to live more frugally, completely eliminate our debts, create new income, radically increase our net worth, and live altogether better lives!  Sign up below for instant access to our members-only toolbox, including our exclusive guide:  15 Steps to Fix Your Broken Finances and Live a Better Life!


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Progress!  I think I've managed to build the appropriate widgets to the right to make all of this work.  I've also listed three of my favorite books that provide much of the philosophy behind my efforts here, both current and future!


First Steps.

Kudos first of all to Pat Flynn and his "Smart Passive Income Blog."  If there's anyone out there with the drive, smarts, and enthusiasm (and results!) to prove that success in these endeavors is possible, it's him!  

It is Pat's blog that has helped me to arrive at my first steps.  I've established an InfoBarrel account and written my first article.  I've also become an Amazon Associate and signed up for a Google AdSense account.  My solitary article sits as a draft on InfoBarrel's website as I wait for my AdSense account to be approved.  

My goal is to write one article each day for the next thirty days, post them, and then see what happens, all the while continuing to learn about Search Engine Optimization, backlinking, affiliate marketing, and other dimensions of this internet economy.  

Of course, I'll continue to keep you updated with how things go!