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Low-Carb Diet: 12 - 24 Aug Results

I've eaten less than 20g of Carbohydrate each day.  I've moved past the point of cravings and feel like I'm running on all cylinders.  Here are my current results from my Withings Wi-Fi connected scale (the fine line and points indicate actual measurements):

My wife started Whole30 last night when we hosted a Whole30 dinner party, which means I'm on it too, though it just tightens up my already restrictive diet.  

You just can't argue against great results!


Low-Carb Diet: Proof is in the (not) Pudding

I have three fitness goals for 2013.  They are:

1) Compete in a triathlon

2) Run a sub-58-minute 10K

3) Get my body weight below 175 pounds

As I close in on Goal #1, I'm disappointed to see that I'm actually gaining weight, instead of losing, and that is in the midst of an increase in exercise, including running, cycling, and swimming.  And, no, this isn't just me "increasing muscle."  Big WTF right?

But since I'm a data junkie (you might have seen this with all of my financial graphs), I can't hide from uncomfortable realities.  I jump on my Withings Scale nearly every morning and it dutifully records my weight and estimates my body's fat content, filing it magically with its Wi-Fi connection with the Withings website.  

And today was the day I got angry.  Not Oprah "eat a quart of ice cream" angry, but "this is enough!" angry.  I'm going to be dragging this fat all over the roads in my home town, on my bike, up hills, pounding my old-man knees on runs, in swimming pools, and that ticks me off.  Ok, you get the picture.

So I pulled up a couple of years worth of data from my scale.  Here it is:

When have I been successful?  Every time I ate a low carb diet (most of this you can see right here by going through old posts!).  As soon as I quit eating low carb, I gained weight, regardless of my exercise levels.

As you can see, I did a concentrated effort of the slow-carb plan advocated by Tim Ferriss in Four-Hour Body in early 2012:  good results!  Remember our Whole30 challenge in September 2012?  Excellent results.  Just focusing in general on low-carb eating earlier after reading Gary Taubes' book this Spring gave good results, as the chart makes clear. 

So, that's it.  As of today, I'm strictly following a low-carb diet.  Jen is prepping the Whole30 plan to get us going.  I'm reaching the goal before the end of the year and I'm staying there.  My athletic goals are simply unachievable until I lean down, plus it is time to cut all of the other preventable risk factors for dying out of my life!

There it is:  boldly proclaimed and out there for the world to see!

Too fat?  Buy your own Withings Scale here (or here) and consider reading these books:  Tim Ferriss's Four-Hour Body, D and M Hartwig's It Starts With Food (Whole30), and Gary Taubes's Why We Get Fat? (and What To Do About It).  Then try low carb eating.

This chart has sealed it for me.  Expect updates.