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(Final?) Update

Hello everyone!  

Our business is going very well and has generated much more income this first year than my highest paid year in the military.  Even better, the work is interesting and varied and we've (mostly) been able to control our own pace and schedule, so our family life hasn't suffered while we've reached for the golden ring.

Like most businesses, we're aiming for increased growth and reach-- I'm lucky to have several good, reliable, and hard-working friends who are working alongside us to grow our business.  As I mentioned in my last post, the friendships and work relationships I've developed over the last three decades are the source of the bulk of our work.

So, get out there, take risks, work hard, enjoy yourself, fail, work harder, succeed, don't compromise, and see what happens!  Whatever your side hustles are, just keep at them, try new ones, and so on, until something works out.  Also, have the courage to know when something you are trying isn't working out and try something else.  If the marketplace doesn't respond to it in 2-3 years, it is probably time to try something else.

No matter what, if you want to make money, you had better be in the top ten percent of whatever it is you're doing.  Get to the top one percent in your niche and the sky is likely the limit.  For those of you out there blogging, ask yourself if you reach those thresholds; if not, it will be a tough road to hoe until you up your game.  I recognized some time ago that my commitment to blogging was never such that I would reach those thresholds.  Hence, our pivot.

I'm not sure if I'll post here in the future or if anyone even stops by anymore, but I stand by most of what I remember writing here.  The growth I experienced while writing this blog allowed me to do what I'm doing now.  

Thanks for being part of it!  



Hello everyone!  I thought I owed an update in case anyone stopped by.

In my last post, I said that I was going to do leadership and management consulting for a small consulting firm.  Well... we decided not to, started our own company, and set out to find work.

As I mentioned last post, I have my military retirement-- my "bronze parachute"-- which is a nice chunk of change that also provides health care for my family. 

Jen took a low-paying job at a local school to have some stable pay.

I landed a research and writing gig pretty soon thereafter using an existing contact within my network.  This was intended to be a reliable, but small, sum of money.  Between the two things, this covered our nut (as a reminder, that is the gap between your montly income and expenses).  

Soon after that, our consulting company was asked by a large consulting firm to help out with a big project.  The opportunity came from an existing contact within my network.  Because of the size of the project and the sum of money involved, I've been able to bring on two others to help with the project.

Once we bank this entire project in two months, our nut will be covered for the next five years.  I kid you not.  

So, what have I learned so far:

1. Your network is everything.  Build it by being a good person and doing good work.

2. Put yourself in a position to take risks.  If you keep your expenses low, eliminate debt, and have your bases covered-- mortgage, health care, groceries, etc.-- you can take risks.  A career in the military sets you up for this well.

3. There are vast sums of money out there waiting to be caught in your net if you are positioned well. 

4. Luck matters, but you have to be ready to exploit it when it comes your way.

Once this project is completed, we intend to use it to market ourselves and find more, while keeping a pace that allows us to enjoy our lives and our kids.  I want to grow the business so that we can take on more consultants.

As you'd expect, we are burning the candle at both ends right now, but we're able to do it on our schedule, mostly from home, with some occasional travel.  

We ate into our savings to buy our home, so we'll be replenishing that, reestablishing a nice passive income shedding stock portfolio, and, yes, buy a thing or two that we really want.

I'll check back in later as things develop.  

Get out there and take some risks!